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Last update: 3 March 2021
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Are you eligible for financial assistance from MAPAQ? This financial assistance encourages companies in the agri-food industry to turn to automation to address workforce issues and become more competitive. Hurry, because the Food transformation: robotization and quality systems program could be suspended in March 2021!

Finding skilled workers in the agri-food sector can be a challenge. This financial assistance therefore encourages companies in the agri-food industry to turn to automation to tackle workforce problems and become more competitive. Hurry, because the Food Transformation: Robotization and Quality Systems program could be suspended in March 2021!


What can this program offer you?

Depending on your company’s revenue, this financial aide can cover up to 30% to 50% of the costs associated with improving a process (for a maximum of 150 000$).

Thinking of automating or optimizing your operations? Now is the time to act! You could reduce the number of manipulations associated with your packaging, in addition to increasing profitability and efficiency.

To be eligible you must:

  • Carry out an internal or external diagnosis.
  • Concretely demonstrate that the added equipment increases the productivity of the workforce and the competitiveness of the company.
  • Have a financial situation that meets the basic ratios requested.
  • Reach the minimum threshold of $ 15,000 for total eligible expenses.


You will find all the information in the Applicant’s Guide.


Prepare your application

Rest assured; our experts can guide you in the preparation of your file.

You will need:

  • Your registration form.
  • Your latest external financial statements
  • Your equipment quotes for the project.
  • The detailed service offer from your consultant

  • Other documents that justifies the financial aid

  • Your francization certificate of your certificate of registration to the francization process.

Important notice: be sure to have in hand the acknowledgement of receipt of your request for financial assistance before purchasing any equipment!

Download the form


Is your project covered by this financial aid?

Several types of packaging projects have received support from MAPAQ, including the following:

  • Automation of processes and palletization
  • Improving the efficiency of the department
  • Modernization of equipment
  • Automation of the preparation and gluing of boxes.
  • Installation of a robotic packaging machine

Consult the list of the funded projects


The expertise of Cartier at your service


When it comes to automating and optimizing your packaging, we’re always by your side.

Our experts can guide you in filing your application file for MAPAQ, either by the impact assessment of new equipment, submitting an automation project or information about the ROI of your project. Give us a call before the program ends!


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