Superbox by Robopac

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Superbox by Robopac

The automatic case erector Superbox by Robopac features a high output capacity, versatility and quality construction ensuring long life expectancy.

The Superbox automatic mechanisms retrieve the cardboard box blanks, open, fold and form the boxes and then seals the bottom using standard size tape rolls. Formatting changes are easy thanks to the 5 exterior hand wheels that adjust rollers, guides and suction cups and with a magazine capacity of up to 100 blanks, you are assured increased productivity, without sacrificing user safety.

Additional info

Name: Superbox  
Cartier Code: Superbox  
Case length: Min: 9.82″ Max: 23.65″
Case width: Min: 6.70″ Max: 16.15″
Height: Min: 3.55″ Max: 19.69″
  *Indication varying on the model, please refer to the brochure.
Tape width: Standard