Orbit horizontal wrapper

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Orbit horizontal wrapper


  • High-speed production lines
  • Longer packages and special shapes
  • Small- or large-batch production
  • Reducing packaging costs


  • Fast and independent
  • Less labour needed
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Numerous configurations available

Evaluation :

  • Non-standard pallets ★★★
  • Load ★★★★
  • Labour ★★★★★
  • Packaging flexibility ★★

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Main features:

  • Programming using the touch screen
  • Up to 20 programs saved in memory
  • Motorized conveyors
  • Continuous tension system
  • Automated film cutting

The new Orbit horizontal wrapping machines range was designed to be flexible, all the while maintaining the speed and high performance you demand from product packaging.

The Orbit machines are very easily added to production cells or integrated into an existing line. All models in the Orbit range provide different sealing components and wrapping speeds to increase flexibility regardless of the product being wrapped.

1-screen-orbit   The new touch-screen control panel was designed to easily create and rapidly program parameters.
Its high memory capacity allows you to record up to 20 different programs.
2-ring-orbit   The rotary ring is constructed of high-resistance polyamide resin rollers and constructed of single piece of cast aluminum for sturdiness and dependability of rotation movement.
3-tensionfilm_orbit   The film tensioning unit for pre-stretching, guarantees optimal usage of plastic film during the wrapping process thanks to a mobile roller.
4-portebob-orbit   Further to ensuring that rolls are easy to change, the spool carriage is equipped with quick-release locking device, for optimal wrap consumption.
5-presseurs-orbit   Pneumatically controlled top pressure unit at input and output settles automatically to ensure stabilisation of load. Can be manually adjusted to accommodate varying heights and lengths.
6-pincecoupe-orbit   The highly reliable cut and clamp system ensures fully automatic operation of the wrapping process.

The Orbit 12 orbital stretch wrapper by ROBOPAC offers the highest wrap capacity.


Technical features:

Max Rotation speed: 58 rpm, Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle, Manually adjustable height drive units: 1100, Compressed air consumption:30NL/1′, Infeed and outfeed powered conveyors: L=850mm, Film width: 125/250, Spool max external diameter: 250mm.