Polychem PC1000 automatic strapping machine

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Polychem PC1000 automatic strapping machine

Enjoy optimal high-speed performance with this versatile, low-maintenance model. The PC1000 automatic strapping machine is the most cost-effective in its class.


  • Increasing capacity (up to 65 straps per minute)
  • Securing packages with greater reliability
  • Lowering maintenance costs


  • Operates with polypropylene (PP) strapping
  • Maximum tension 100 lbs.
  • Up to 65 straps per minute (depending on arch size)
  • Electronic brake
  • Sensor-controlled heater
  • German DC brushless motor technology (stepper motors)
  • Choice of arch sizes
  • 30% fewer parts than other comparable equipment, meaning greater reliability, less maintenance and reduced down time.


Name: PC1000  
Cartier code: 30810074  
Adjustable table height: Min: 32”     Max: 36”
Shipping weight: 450 lbs.  
Package weight Up to 100 lbs  
Strap width:   Min: 1/4”     Max: 1/2”