Sanitary products

Maintain workplace hygiene while ensuring the comfort and well-being of your employees

We are your one-stop shop for a complete range of leading-brand sanitary products!

Many products we offer are certified or approved (EcoLogo, CFIA, Green Seal) as meeting the strictest standards in specific industries (food, pharmaceutics).

We review your needs carefully before recommending the best products for your workplace.

Sanitary and care products

  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Hand towels
  • All-purpose towels
  • Table napkins

Product dispensers also available.

Soaps, creams & antiseptic products

  • Hand soaps
  • Hand moisturizers
  • Disinfectants / Sanitizers
  • Deodorizing tablets

Product dispensers also available.

Cloths & wipes

  • Industrial cloths
  • Single-use wipes
  • Specialty products for use in the laboratory, food, pharmaceutical, aviation, etc. environments
  • Rags

Cleaning products

All of our cleaning products are recognized as being effective and useful in an industrial context and offer an excellent quality-price ratio. Some are also approved for eco-responsible use.

  • Detergents, cleaners, degreasers and disinfectants (ready-to-use or concentrate, industrial or standard)
  • Absorbent products (granular, pads, coils, hydrophobic products, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies (brooms, brushes, mops)
  • Garbage bags

Explore our vast selection of sanitary and eco-responsible products.