Customer service

Every time you call the CARTIER customer service team, we work hard to satisfy all kinds of requests, simplify your operations and make your business run better.

  • Curious to learn more about our four areas of expertise? Contact us!
  • Looking to simplify your ordering process? Use our extranet to place orders online quickly and securely!
  • Need to modernize your facilities or boost capacity? Contact one of our consultants to learn more about our expertise!
  • Facing a packaging problem or dealing with major financial or material losses? One of our consultants will be able to help.
  • Want to improve your packaging stock? Call and ask us about our value-added solutions!
  • Need to get your packaging costs under control? Take advantage of the E3 program!

You can always count on our experts and consultants to help you optimize your packaging process at every step. We also deliver coast to coast! To speak to one of our consultants or place an order, there have four ways to contact us:

Telephone (toll free): 1 800 363-2737
Fax : (1) 450 469-2239
Internet: via our extranet (registration required)