Are you looking for an expert partner ready to listen to and understand your needs? An engaged team with the resources to train your personnel and provide unparalleled technical support and maintenance? With CARTIER, you’ll get optimal service at every level!

Packaging Equipement Installation

Take advantage of our seasoned technicians’ insight and expertise to get the most from your equipment from the very first use.

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Packaging Equipement Maintenance

Trust CARTIER with the regular maintenance of your equipment to ensure optimal operations at all time.

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Packaging Equipment Repairs

CARTIER is a reliable and competent partner to help solve your technical issues. In fact, we can be on site in less than 24 hours.

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Packaging Equipment Security

CARTIER provides comprehensive expertise to ensure safe use of any equipment that we install.

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Packaging Equipment Leasing

Interested in an equipment trial? Or occasionally boosting your productivity? Ask about our leasing options.

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Spare parts

Our parts expert will help you determine and find what you need with our wide range of brands and models.

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By opting for the E3 follow-up program, you are maximizing your chances of getting the best performance from your packaging equipment. This exclusive program includes a series of rigorous and accurate tests that CARTIER then uses to analyze and measure your equipment performance on a regular basis.

The results, shared in detailed quarterly reports, contribute to implementing, as needed, pertinent actions or reconfigurations that will ensure the best possible performance from your operations.

Advantages of the E3 program:

  • Ensure a constant quality of packaging
  • Maximise stretch wrap investment
  • Maximise equipment investment (equipment service life)
  • Improve the quality of your packaging process (performance materials, quality film with appropriate stretch ratio, etc.)
  • Increase the efficiency of your operations and productivity
  • Integration of a proactive maintenance program to prevent equipment breakage
  • Reduce, even eliminate, costly emergency repairs and loss of merchandise
  • Maximize measurable savings (savings on energy, cost of film, etc.)

For more information, contact us at 1 800-363-2737.