More economical, efficient, sustainable packaging

Unique in Canada, the CARTIER laboratory allows you to optimize your packaging by simulating the complete journey of your packages and the impacts they must withstand.

Thanks to ISTA and ASTM standards and some of the most sophisticated simulation equipment, we will determine whether your packaging is underwrapped or overwrapped.

The objective: allow your products to reach their destination in their full integrity by using the best combination of packaging, reducing your costs and your environmental footprint.

Take a virtual tour of this over 5,000 sq. ft. playground, the largest in the country!

Existing packaging optimization

Achieve maximum cost-effectiveness by optimizing your packaging processes and using continuous improvement programs and ongoing monitoring.

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Optimizing pallets

Take advantage of a rapid optimization of your pallets which will determine the best stretch film recipe and application.

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Productivity evaluation

Is your supply chain achieving its full potential? Our laboratory experts analyze its components to help enhance your productivity.

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New packaging development

Is your company planning to launch a new product? Let our laboratory help you optimize the new packaging process and make it more cost-effective from day one!

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ISTA or ASTM packaging test

Let us test your packaging according to ISTA or ASTM certified protocols and see how it performs.

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ISTA standards

CARTIER is the only Canadian company specializing in the packaging process to offer the integrated services of an International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)-certified laboratory. Take advantage of the many benefits provided by this certification, obtained following a rigorous process.

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Sustainable development

Packaging optimization facilitates the adoption of eco-responsible practices. Our laboratory experts put their expertise and tools to work making your packaging processes as eco-friendly as possible.

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Tests, protocols and standards

CARTIER’s laboratory relies on the ISTA standards or ASTM protocols and tests. The range of tests that the laboratory can carry out is wide and the choice will vary from one mandate to another.

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