Interpack UPF 2420

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Interpack UPF 2420

The Interpack pneumatic flap folder from Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is designed to convert a basic top and bottom case sealer into a uniform semi-automatic case packing system.

In one process, the operator can form, fold, pack and seal a corrugated case. The labour-intensive costs of forming and packing cases are no longer necessary as the UPF 2420 provides measurable productivity increases.

additional info

Name : UPF 2420-SS  
Cartier code : 43800119  
Compatible case formats:
Case length: Min : 6″ Max : 24″
Case width : Min : 6,5″ Max : 20″
Height: Min : 3,5″ Max : None 
Poids max : 40 lbs  

Equipment dimensions: 41″ x 29½″ x 28¾″