Case sealer 3M-Matic 200A model

Case sealer 3M-Matic 200A model

The 200A case sealer from 3M is the most popular with a dual mast with twin lead screws for greater stability of taping head and consistent adjustments of case heights and widths.

Main characteristics:

  • Up to 40 cases per minute, depending on the case length
  • Up to 85 lb
  • Bottom belt drive

Additional info

Name: Case Sealer 200A  
Cartier Code: 43802210  
Case length: Min: 6″ Max: No limit
Case width: Min: 6″ Max: 21.5″
Height: Min: 4.75″ Max: 24.5″
Tape width: Min: 36 mm Max: 48 mm