Case sealer 3M-Matic A80 model

Case sealer 3M-Matic A80 model

When packaging volumes exceed the limits of manual sealing, the durable Intro Series offers affordable increases in productivity for top and bottom sealing of RSC’s (Regular Size Cases).

The Adjustable Case Sealer a80 is the most performant one of the Intro Series and will offer productivity with a low price tag, This model has the 3M AccuglideTM 2+ which patented curvilinear design applies tape securely with low impact that helps protect even lightweight cartons and contents.

Poids max : 65 lb

Additional info

Name: Adjustable Case Sealer A80 from 3M  
Cartier Code: 4380136  
Case length: Min: 6″ Max: No limit
Case width: Min: 4.75″ Max: 21.5″
Height: Box Min: 4.75″ Box Max: 21.5″ 
Tape width: Min: 36 mm Max: 48 mm