Robotape 50CF by Robopac

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Robotape 50CF by Robopac

The Robotape 50CF automatic case sealer is ideal for fixed-format boxes or batch processing. With its automatic top flap folding device, this machine stands out amid the competition. Its side belt system ensures a continuous product feed, while its tape head offers uniform adhesion for flawless results case after case. Conveyor height and width can be adjusted manually to the case format.


  • Increasing productivity (150+ cases per day)
  • Reducing the incidence of repetitive strain injuries associated with manual sealing
  • Generating savings on adhesive tape consumption
  • Achieving more optimal tape application


  • Up to 30 cases/minute depending on case length
  • Accepts cases of up to 50 kg (110 lbs.)
  • Side belt drive
  • Available in stainless steel


Name: Robotape 50CF  
Cartier code: 43800138  
Case length: Min : 5,9″ Max : 25,5″
Case width: Min : 4,3″ Max : 19,7″
Height: Min : 4,3″ Max : 19,7″ 
Tape width: Min : 50 mm Max : 70 mm

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