FloWrap from Sealed Air

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FloWrap from Sealed Air

Sealed Air’s FloWrap is an automatic packaging system that creates ready-to-ship, custom poly bag packages that are right-sized to the unique dimensions of each order.

It’s ideal for the high-volume, high-demand e-commerce market. This system creates up to 30 packs per minute, making it the best automatic system of its kind currently available.

Since the FloWrap system is fully automatic, it delivers maximum efficiency at minimum labour cost. This horizontal, inline system integrates easily into existing production lines.

It’s also easy to operate: simply place the product on the conveyor with a bar code visible, and the system does the rest.


  • Processes shipments faster
  • Less labour time required for manual packing, sorting, label application or scanning
  • Adapts automatically to the dimensions of each order and cuts and seals the poly bags to the right size
  • Optimizes package dimensions to help keep shipping costs down