NewAir IB Flex from Sealed Air

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NewAir IB Flex from Sealed Air

NewAir I.B.® Flex is the next generation of inflate-on-demand cushioning systems used to produce custom shapes from patented Barrier Bubble material to provide enhanced protection for products during shipping.

NewAir I.B. Flex produces up to 90 linear feet of inflatable material per minute in two widths: 12 in or 24 in.

With its compact footprint, NewAir I.B. Flex is easily mounted on a floor stand or table.

These systems also create substantial space savings. Each roll of inflate-on-demand material produces up to 5,000 square feet of conventional bubble wrap, while the latest NewAir I.B. inflate-on-demand roll formats help to minimize handling and drastically reduce freight costs.

Inflate-on-demand materials take up less space than conventional bubble wrap rolls, resulting in a space-saving solution as well as generating savings with use versus non-barrier bubble products widely available on the market.

main features

  • Powered through standard electrical outlet
  • Compact (less than 6 sq. ft.), mobile and easy to operate
  • Full range of inflate-on-demand materials available (standard, premium, multiple thicknesses, antistatic, etc.)
      • Roll Winder to create your own bubble wrap rolls
      • JetStream feed system to supply multiple packing stations simultaneously
      • InstasheeterTM making production of custom bubble wrap sheets as easy as pushing a button