Technoplat turntable

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Technoplat turntable

The Rotoplat series of stretch wrappers offers a complete line of conventional and pallet jack type turntable machines.

Robopac relies on its extensive manufacturing experience of high quality wrapping machines to produce its automatic turntable stretch wrapper line Rotoplat. This series boasts advanced technology mechanical and electronic components and the highest quality standards, that have defined the Robopac brand over the years. The Rotoplat series is distinguished by its superior quality and dependability, its simple operation and ergonomics, easy maintenance and its rigorous adherence to safety standards.

The Technoplat model offers innovative and adaptable solutions for fully automated pallet wrapping. An operator simply places a pallet on the turntable, starts the wrapping cycle by remote, and removes the pallet when the cycle is completed. The Rotoplat’s slim line turntable, only 92mm high, enables no-hassle placement of pallets on turntable, permitting less operator intervention.

The ingenious Clamp, Cut and Sealing arm system delivers high precision performance, executing each operation, step-by-step. The integrated Sealing function ensures the absence of any tail at the end of the cycle and the Clamp unit ensures the machine is always ready for the next cycle. All operations are performed in accordance with safety standards in effect.

Technical features:

Number of turntable casters: 8 (double), Turntable capacity (kg): 2000, Turntable diameter (mm): 1650, Useful mast height (mm): 2200, Turntable speed(RPM): 4/12