Strapping systems and tools

To maintain the integrity of your products and ensure optimal protection during transport, CARTIER has what you’re looking for. Our equipment is reliable, safe, versatile, highly efficient and easy to use and maintain.

And at CARTIER, service goes far beyond our equipment: we ensure that our automatic or semi-automatic application solutions match your requirements perfectly.

Polychem B600 strapping tool

Compact and light, this lithium battery-powered friction weld tool supports full recharging with no memory loss.

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Polychem B1200 strapping tool

This ergonomic and easy-to-use tool operates with both polypropylene and polyester strapping.

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Polychem B2000 strapping tool

This unique manual tool offers superior protection, supporting application of up to 2,000 lbs. of tensile force.

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Polychem PC1000 automatic strapping machine

Versatile and easy to maintain, this highly efficient strapping machine is the most cost-effective in its range.

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Samuel P328 strapping tool

Perfectly balanced and popular for its ease of operation and handling, this tool uses 3/8” to 5/8” plastic strapping.

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Samuel P329 strapping tool

Ideal for repetitive strapping operations, this unit provides unparalleled tension ratings for such a compact tool.

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Samuel P650 semi-automatic strapping table

This durable and reliable machine is unquestionably one of the quietest on the market. It also has a dual tension mode that allows you to select a soft touch or standard high tension cycle.

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Samuel SQ-800 strapping machine

The innovative design of this machine makes it the most efficient strapping machine for standard use on the market with its higher strapping speed and outstanding reliability.

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