Whatever your industry, we understand your specific needs and optimize your packaging operations at every step. Whether you wish to fine-tune a process, integrate new equipment or improve how your products are packaged, our unique expertise can help boost the performance of your business.


An optimized packaging process takes many factors into consideration (space, secondary and tertiary packaging, maintenance, transport, etc.) and can be precisely adapted to the operations it will be integrated with. At CARTIER, we meticulously evaluate your business context and needs, as well as your unique objectives and constraints. This information enables us to create a customized optimization plan for your packaging that protects the integrity of your products throughout the logistics chain.


At CARTIER, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to the handling, transport and conservation of food items and making sure that consumers can enjoy fresh, safe and whole products. Our extensive industry experience enables us to recommend proven solutions that will make your operations more efficient from start to finish.


Regardless of the furniture type that you specialize in, we have the know-how to create an optimized and highly secure packaging process that will protect your products from first step to last. Our vast assortment of packaging products and specialized equipment gives us a multitude of options when building solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs. With Cartier, your furniture will reach destination in flawless condition.

Export and transport

When it comes to packaging, exporting poses numerous concerns, including the stability of merchandise on pallets, optimum space management in containers and preventing impact during transhipping. The CARTIER team takes all of these into consideration and can offer solutions to each problem, ensuring that your operations will always meet your high expectations.


Distribution centres need packaging and repalletization processes to be fast and efficient. Whether it’s ensuring the delivery of products at points of sale or processing ecommerce orders, we can help optimize your packaging operations to ensure the efficiency of your logistics chain.