ISTA standards

Your assurance of a stringent, scientific approach

When flaws in a company’s supply chain lead to costly breakage and significant losses, the first reflex is often to try to correct the issues using in-house resources.

Unfortunately, this trial-and-error approach has numerous disadvantages:

  • Blind testing without a reliable methodology
  • Limited available expertise
  • Lack of awareness about possible solutions
  • Low testing capacity
  • Mobilization of resources and equipment usually devoted to production
  • Testing on actual shipments, which also generates real risks in the marketplace
  • No guaranteed results

The cartier approach

In contrast to the trial-and-error approach, our scientific, International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)-certified approach offers numerous advantages:

  • Implementation of a methodology in accordance with strict protocols for reliable results
  • Engineers and technicians dedicated to packaging optimization
  • Tests conducted in a controlled environment that recreates actual conditions without risk of customer dissatisfaction
  • Zero impact on your operations

Certification and warranties

Since our test processes are certified, our strict compliance with ISTA protocols means that we can even apply on your behalf to launch the ISTA certification process for your company.

This certification means that you benefit from coverage offered by major carriers, ensuring that your pallets are safely transported to your customers.

about the ISTA


The International Safe Transit Association is the leading industry developer of testing protocols that define how packages should perform. Founded in 1948, ISTA is active in 32 countries.

CARTIER is the only packaging optimization company in Canada to offer the integrated services of an ISTA-certified testing laboratory.

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