Boxes, cardboard, edge protectors & paper-based products

Whatever your specific needs, we have a customized solution

Cardboard and paper-based packaging products are practical, easily adaptable and recyclable, making them an excellent way to package, protect, store or ship your merchandise.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Our stock contains a selection of cardboard boxes in various formats and thicknesses. Our product specialists review your requirements with you and recommend the cardboard box best suited to specific criteria (optimizing space, ideal configuration, etc.).

Custom solutions (minimum order quantity required)


A useful way to reinforce pallets, fill voids or protect merchandise more effectively.

Edge & corner protectors

Use edge protectors to optimize cargo space, stabilize stacked pallets and provide additional protection for corners.

Many additional options available: white, kraft, with or without printed logo.


In addition to packaging, kraft paper is also practical for filling voids inside cases to protect merchandise during transport.

Find the product that best meets your needs with help from our product specialists!