Shrink film

Improve packaging efficiency using the best shrink film available on the market

Use heat sealing as an effective solution to stabilize, group, reinforce and protect your products.

Whether for commercial or industrial applications, shrink film meets a wide range of needs with its versatility and waterproof properties while also making products look more appealing to the end customer.

Polyolefin shrink film

[8" - 42" | 33 G - 150G]

This clear, resistant film adapts easily to products on application, making it perfect for the food industry.

Polyethylene shrink film

High-performance and tear-resistant. Ideal for wrapping or grouping multiple products. Also useful for non-standard applications (oversized products, construction needs, pallet wrapping).

Cryovac Technology®

[8” - 42” | 38 G - 150 G]

CARTIER offers state-of-the-art technology with its range of SealedAir multi-layered films. They’re clearer and stronger even at a smaller gauge. In addition to their unrivalled performance, they take up less space, helping you reduce film consumption while also adopting more eco-responsible practices!

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