Packaging Equipment Security

Ensuring that equipment is safe. A necessity. Obviously.

Operating heavy equipment in oftentimes confined spaces requires proper installation to prevent dangerous situations with potentially very serious consequences for the operator’s health and that of other people working near the equipment. 

In Quebec, the Commission de la Santé et la Sécurité au Travail (CNESST) oversees the application of specific regulations that make the use of machinery, in general, and packaging machines, in particular, more secure. Among these regulations, the most widely known reference standards are CAN/CSA-Z432, EN 999 or NF EN 415-6+A1.

We deliver, install and ensure the security of your equipment

When you purchase or lease equipment from CARTIER, you will benefit from our comprehensive installation services to meet all security standards. Our professionals have the necessary training and experience to ensure that use of your packaging machines is completely safe.

Our experts have mastered the security process from start to finish. Every member of the team, including engineers, technical directors and electrical mechanics, employs a proven systemic approach that respects the highest quality standards for this kind of operation.

With CARTIER, the health and security of your employees, as well as the proper functioning of your operations and your company’s productivity, are in good hands.