Packaging Equipment Leasing

A flexible solution 

Investing in packaging equipment is crucial for your business development, but there are so many factors to be considered. Perhaps the timing isn’t right financially speaking or you want to be absolutely certain of your needs before determining what equipment you really need. Sometimes, you just need a temporary boost to manage unexpected surplus demand.

To address these specific needs, CARTIER offers a wide variety of packaging equipment, new and used, that can be leased to your greater advantage.

Many benefits

  • Try the equipment for a pre-determined period of time before purchasing
  • Compensate for unexpected issues with existing equipment
  • Boost productivity during a temporary surplus
  • Leverage sophisticated machinery without buying it

Available equipment

The following equipment categories are available for lease: stretch wrappers, orbital/horizontal or shrink wrappers, as well as case sealers and strapping systems. Our offer may vary according to availability, both for lease or purchase of second-hand equipment.


Emballeuse verticale semi-automatique à pellicule étirableEmballeuse horizontale à pellicule étirable

Shrink wrapping machines

Emballeuse à pellicule rétractable

STRAPPING systems and tools

Cercleuses et outils de cerclage

CASE SEALERSSceullese de boîtes


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With CARTIER, the health and security of your employees, as well as the proper functioning of your operations and your company’s productivity, are in good hands.