Semi-automatic vertical stretch wrapping machines

Our vast selection of semi-automatic wrappers will improve the efficiency of your packaging operations. Available equipment lines feature reliable, ergonomic, easy‑to‑use machines offering a wealth of options for optimizing your operations to suit your budget and specific requirements.

Ecoplat Plus turntable from Robopac

This turntable pallet wrapper is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions on the market for wrapping standard-sized pallets.


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Robot S7 from Robopac

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, Robopac presents the new range of self-propelled packaging machines, Robot S7. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and the greatest attention to safety systems represent the essence of Robopac's development capacity and provide high packaging autonomy and great working flexibility.

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Rotoplat 708 turntable from Robopac

The Rotoplat 708 is indisputably the market reference when it comes to turntable pallet wrappers. Its advanced technology makes it one of the most innovative machines currently available.

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Technoplat 708 turntable from Robopac

The innovative design of this wrapping machine makes it one of the fastest, most versatile and most efficient options on the market.

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Rotary semi-automatic rotary arm from Robopac

This line of rotary arm wrappers features machines of exceptional design and production quality incorporating advanced end-of-line packaging technology.

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Rototech automatic rotary arm from Robopac

This advanced machine is specially designed for wrapping unstable products on pallets.

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