Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines

Our vast selection of semi-automatic Robopac wrapping machines will improve the efficiency of your packaging processes. Rest assured that our equipment is ergonomic, reliable, easy to use and offers a variety of options to optimize your operations and suit your budget.

Self-propelled S6 robot

This high-performance and compact wrapper offers unparalleled flexibility for small spaces.

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Rotoplat turntable

This extensive series of conventional and transpallet turntable wrapping machines is ideal for stabilizing loads for stretch wrapping.

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Technoplat turntable

The innovative design of this wrapping machine makes it one of the fastest, most versatile and most efficient options on the market.

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Rotowrap rotating arm

These cutting-edge machines are specially designed to wrap unstable products on a pallet.

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Orbit horizontal wrapper

These rotating ring wrapping machines are highly flexible and will easily integrate with your existing production line.

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Compacta S horizontal wrapper

Available with different rotating ring diameters, these horizontal systems are designed to wrap products of very variable dimensions.

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