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Cooperation and optimization of Altrum’s packaging

Last update: 25 August 2022
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Categories: Écoresponsabilité, Laboratory

At CARTIER, our mission is to optimize packaging for companies across the province to help them reduce their costs and environmental footprint. We love working with them and learning about their realities in order to improve their packaging operations. Most recently, we worked with Altrum, a company that specializes in workplace recognition programs and commemorative products – trophies, medals, etc. Take a look at the positive impacts of their optimal packaging recipe, both on the planet and on their wallet! A proof that it is indeed possible to reduce our ecological footprint while reducing our costs, unlike what one might think!

teamwork at the heart of Altrum’s
packaging optimization

It is by working together that CARTIER and Altrum have been able to obtain such satisfactory results. Without this collaboration between the customer and our purchasing department, our representative and the project manager of our innovation laboratory, such a leap forward would have been unthinkable!

To highlight the work and experience of everyone involved in this success – both at Altrum and CARTIER – we pass the microphone to them.


results that talk for themselves


take advantage of our expertise and our innovation laboratory

Our team is more than proud to be able to help local businesses optimize their packaging! At CARTIER, we promise to use each of our resources to find the best solution for you. Everyone pitches in!

Would you like to benefit from the personalized advice of experienced experts and optimize your processes? We’re here for you.


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