Void-fill, cushioning and padding systems

Without control over the transportation process, package shipping quickly becomes risky. And knowing the importance that your customers place on the condition of their merchandise (especially retail items purchased online), it is critical to have systems in place to protect your products. Using Sealed Air’s innovative solutions, you can stabilize your products and protect your goods from damage. Every production and shipping environment is unique ‒ let us help!

FasFil EZ-Auto

Affordable, eco-friendly void-fill solution for securing merchandise inside boxes.

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Innovative paper cushioning solution. Protect your merchandise and increase productivity.

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Instapak Simple

Reduce damage and storage costs. Instapak® foam can expand to up to 280 times its original volume depending on the application.

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Fill-Air Rocket

Rocket: the fastest inflatable void-fill system!

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NewAir IB Flex

Produce bubble wrap on demand! Save storage space and improve productivity!

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