FasFil EZ-Auto

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FasFil EZ-Auto

Sealed Air’s innovative FasFil® EZ Auto paper void-fill system delivers a durable solution that is ideal for small-scale or limited-footprint packing operations.

Simple foot pedal operation produces continuous paper output, while the built-in automatic cutting mechanism allows for easy release of paper.

The paper padding produced can be used to stabilize objects inside boxes for enhanced protection during shipping.

Ideal for multiple workstations or decentralized production environments or for taking the place of manual applications (newsprint jams).


  • Two void-fill pad production modes available: manual and programmed length
  • Digital length control dial
  • Can be mounted on a floor stand or table
  • Runs with rollstock or fanfold paper configurations.


FasFil EZ Auto paper material is made from 100% recycled content and is 100% renewable!