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CARTIER introduces Bocedi stretch hooders and TopTier palletizers to its extensive line-up of packaging equipment and solutions

Last update: 13 November 2019
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CARTIER, Packaging. Optimized. has expanded its offer of packaging equipment and solutions to incorporate products from world leaders Bocedi and TopTier into its already wide selection.

Bocedi has been manufacturing automatic pallet stretch and shrink hood systems for 50 years, while TopTier offers a palletization technology that combines stacking and wrapping into a single process.

By adding these machines from reputable manufacturers, we’re ensuring that our clients have access to reliable, efficient solutions at the cutting edge of technology,” explains David Cartier, president of CARTIER. “Through our line-up of semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, we’re able to offer a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of clients across the manufacturing sector.

Bocedi: Simplicity and innovation

Bocedi stretch hooders are ideal for stabilizing pallets and protecting them from weather conditions as well as customizing their appearance.

Since its founding, Bocedi has developed three patented systems for its stretch hooders while maintaining a perfect balance between simplicity and innovation.

Stretch hooders are an ideal solution for:

  • reducing packaging unit costs
  • wrapping unstable loads
  • incorporating a waterproofing solution or protecting pallets from weather conditions
  • enhancing brand image and customizing the look of pallets.

Bocedi specializes in stretch hood systems used around the world and offers the broadest selection in its industry. Its patented solutions are flexible and easily adapted to user requirements.

TopTier: North America’s top-selling palletizers

Renowned for their reliability and use of leading-edge technologies, TopTier® palletizers help businesses enhance their packaging productivity and efficiency.

TopTier is the global leader in palletization technology and solutions offering speed and flexibility to companies maintaining round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week operations. Its patented technologies make palletization reliable, simple, safe, secure and energy-efficient.

TopTier machines are part of the Robopac end-of-line packaging equipment line.

The many benefits they offer include:

  • significant space savings
  • enhanced safety
  • easy integration into existing lines.

Cost-effective TopTier palletizers are essential components of automatic end-of-line packaging operations for manufacturers in the food, beverage and consumer goods sectors.

With their advanced design, they are simple to operate and adapt easily to a variety of production scenarios, and a full range of accessories is available for quick integration into existing systems.

Learn more about Bocedi and TopTier equipment

CARTIER is now offering Bocedi and TopTier solutions. Contact us to discover the benefits your company can enjoy by using them.


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