Looking for high-performance equipment that will optimize your operations and improve your competitiveness? Compact machines that will help you get the most from your space? CARTIER offers innovative packaging systems that will generate the best return on your investment.

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines

Our vast selection of semi-automatic wrapping machines will help improve the efficiency of your packaging operations.

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Full automatic stretch wrapping machines

Automate your stretch wrapping process with one of our highly efficient wrapping machines.

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Shrink wrapping machines

We have shrink wrapping machines adapted to products of all shapes and sizes.

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Case Sealers

Optimize your production line with one of our case sealers.

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Strapping systems and tools

Need a strapping system or strapping tool? We have the solution you’re looking for.

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Void-fill, cushioning and padding systems

Our void-fill, cushioning and padding systems stabilize and protect your goods from the damage and risks associated with shipping and handling. 

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Case erectors

When combined with case sealers, an operator can achieve productivity gains by erecting, filling and sealing a box with minimal efforts.

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  1. Listen to and understand your needs
  2. Analyze your business context, critical concerns and constraints
  3. Recommend an automation strategy customized to your needs (financing plan available for equipment)
  4. Integrate the optimization process into your operations (installation included)
  5. Train your personnel
  6. Deploy our E3 program to ensure ongoing optimization of your equipment (optional)


Investing in automated equipment is an important step in the growth of your company. It is an essential addition to your production line that will boost both your capacity and expansion.

We know that automated packaging equipment makes a huge difference in the operations and productivity of our clients. It’s a profitable move that’s well worth the necessary initial investment. To help you purchase the automated equipment you need, CARTIER offers financing options for every budget.

In addition to financing a purchase, we also have various lease-to-own programs that are simple and flexible.

For more information, contact us at 1 800-363-2737.