Social responsibility

At CARTIER, we believe in running a socially responsible company and support that mission with concrete actions. In 2010, we committed to implementing ongoing improvements in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations through the adoption of a sustainable development plan. Your company can also be more environmentally conscious in benefiting from our expertise in packaging optimization. Not only will you be protecting your products with methods that are aligned with current best practices, you’ll also benefit from our recommendations to make more responsible choices.

We are well aware that current packaging solutions account for a large part of environmental waste, but we continue to evaluate and adjust our processes to minimize that amount as much as possible.


  • Partner with responsible suppliers
    We prioritize working with the most socially responsible suppliers in the market.
  • Reduce energy consumption
    Since 2007, we have identified and adopted a series of measures to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including the following:
    • Training our drivers in green driving skills
    • Optimizing our delivery routes and travel for reps
    • Increasing client awareness of how to consolidate orders and thus require fewer deliveries
    • Encouraging teleconference meetings to reduce unnecessary travel

    Today, thanks to these measures, we have successfully reduced our GHG emissions by more than 5%.

  • Reduce waste
    We have adopted numerous green initiatives into our practices to eliminate or recycle waste, including the following:
    • Recycling paper products, plastic materials, cardboard and metal
    • Recycling ink cartridges
    • Issuing electronic invoices in order to reduce our paper consumption
  • Protect employee well-being
    CARTIER respects all applicable health and safety standards to ensure that our employees work in a pleasant and secure environment, and to be an inspiring corporate citizen in our industry and milieu.
  • Support personal development
    CARTIER invests in its employees by offering them ongoing education and training that will contribute to their professional development according to our five corporate values: respect, teamwork, innovation, personal achievement and pride.

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  • Encourage our clients to recycle as much as possible
    CARTIER provides our clients with relevant resources who can help them give all recyclable products a second life after initial use.
  • Optimize our client’s packaging use
    CARTIER is the only Canadian distributor of packaging equipment and products to provide clients a complete evaluation of their logistics chain, as well as pertinent recommendations to maximize the cost-profit ratio, while also reducing carbon footprint as much as possible. With our E3 optimization program, we can also help them sustainably maintain these best practices.
  • Offer a range of green products
    CARTIER offers clients a complete assortment of environmentally friendly products (packaging, cleaners, sanitary products, etc). to make operations more green.
  • Contribute to improving quality of life
    Socially engaged from the beginning, CARTIER has always been involved in our community, helping it reach full potential through donations or sponsorship of local events, among other things.