Packaging Equipement Installation

Turnkey service

To get the best from your new equipment from the very first use, entrust our experienced technical team with installation and set-up. They will configure your equipment for optimal integration in its dedicated operating space.

Our team’s know-how will help you get the best return on your investment from the start by avoiding the usual trial and error process. While we calibrate your equipment during the installation process, you can focus your resources on more important things – your operations.

Types of packaging machines supported

Our expertise is at your service for all types of automated, integrated semi-automatic or independant packaging machines:







Installation assistance

The installation of your new equipment is a critical step that ensures its longevity. Our team will collaborate with yours to deploy this important addition in your environment. You can also benefit from their experienced assistance to complement and support your own team.

Relocation or reorganization

Our skilled technical team comprises five electrical mechanics with more than 60 years of experience. Trained in the standards of major manufacturers, our team can install or relocate your equipment in the most secure conditions, regardless of make or model.

Our expertise at your service

Our expertise is always available to support all types of packaging equipment, including machines, case sealers, strapping tools or any other kind of electromechanical equipment.

Whatever your needs, capacities or sectors of activity, our technicians are at your service. Thanks to CARTIER’s mobile units and service truck, our technical team can cover all of Quebec, arriving at your facilities or warehouse in record time. We are also available for service calls in Ottawa.

Contact us today at 1 800-363-2737 to learn more about our installation options, as well as the relocation and reorganization storage services that we offer.