Technoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac

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Technoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac


  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centres
  • High-volume production
  • Standard-dimension pallets


  • Multiple configurations available
  • Productivity gains
  • Fully automatic wrapping cycle
  • Safe
  • High-performance

Evaluation :

  • Non-standard pallets ★★★
  • Loading ★★★
  • Footprint ★★★
  • Packaging flexibility ★★★★★

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  • Cube Technology
  • Simple touch-screen programming
  • Electronically variable pre-stretch ratio from 150% to 400%
  • Up to 12 custom wrapping cycles
  • Advanced safety features

The Technoplat 3000 is a high-performance automatic wrapping machine for end-of-line packaging. This wrapper delivers top efficiency and durability even in the harshest operating conditions.

The design and materials applied to developing this machine are based on the strictest quality and safety standards. Its rugged construction and reliable rotating parts make it the answer to industrial requirements for high productivity. This turntable is easily integrated into an existing automatic production line.

The Cube Technology incorporated into the Technoplat 3000 reduces stretch film usage by 30% to 55% while also improving load containment and reducing risk of product damage.

Panneau de contrôle  

Colour touch screen for easy equipment operation.

Groupe pince et coupe  

The machines are equipped with an innovative clamp, cut and seal unit to finalize the process and ensure that the film tail is perfectly bonded to the pallet. All operating conditions comply with current safety standards.


The turntable base is fitted with high-resistance galvanized steel rollers operating at up to 15 m/min on the standard version.


Alimentation : 460V / 3 Φ
Turntable speed: 15 RPM
Turntable diameter: 2030 mm (80″)
Max. load height: 2800 mm (110″)
Max. load weight: 1500 kg

*Please note that all our equipment complies with Canadian CSA standards. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special needs regarding the electricity of your machines.