Automatic Strapping Machine JK-5000

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Automatic Strapping Machine JK-5000

PeRFect for :

  • Different formats of boxes and packages
  • High volume or occasional use

Advantages :

  • Fast and economical
  • Easy maintenance
  • Energy savings


    • With a capacity of 37 straps per minute, the JK-5000 is 32% faster than a comparable model. 
    • The temperature and pressure time to seal the joints are adjustable to ensure optimal tightening.
    • The JK-5000 machine can use polypropylene straps between 5mm (1/4”) and 12mm (1/2”) without additional parts.


The JK-5000 automatic strapping machine is economical and allows companies with a high to moderate production needs to automate part of their production line. With a speed 32% faster than comparable models and its energy savings, it represents an excellent asset for reducing production costs.

When a feeding error occurs, the system will automatically re-feed the belt to generate a new cycle, which avoids the intervention of a staff member. Also, the heat and pressure time used to seal the joint are adjustable, which makes it possible to obtain ideal tightening according to the thickness of the belt.

If a cycle is accidentally initiated without a package in place, the belt is automatically ejected, eliminating a potential jam. If any other type of jam occurs, easy access to the machine allows the most common jams to be cleared without the need for tools.

The JK-5000 strapping machine is an ideal addition to automate part of your production line!



Power Supply: 100-120V 1 Phase 50 / 60 Hz 0.65 KVA (Option 200-240V 1 Phase)
Minimum Package Size: 60 mm La x 30 mm H
Applicable Strap Width: 5, 6, 9, 12 (15.5) mm
Strap Type : Polypropylène
Table Height: 827 mm
Equipment Length: 600 mm
Equipment Width: 921 mm
Equipment Height: 1336 mm