3300 CTA by Cousins

See this equipment in action

3300 CTA by Cousins

Perfect for:

  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing centers
  • High cadence
  • Standard sized pallets


  • Safe and secure
  • Fully automated packaging cycle
  • Improves productivity
  • High performance

main features:

    • Touch screen control panel
    • Adjustable turntable speed
    • Ability to pause the cycle to apply the top sheet.
    • 1-12 film application speed options
    • Adjustable film application speed
    • Possibility of different speeds up and down
    • No compressed air source required

    The Cousins 3300 CTA fully automatic stretch wrapper has a capacity of 40 pallets per hour and can support a load of up to 4,000 lbs (dynamic) and 12,000 lbs (static). The touchscreen control panel allows you to select between one and twelve film application speeds while also allowing you to choose different options for up and down. You can also setup three different wrap cycles (A-B-C) that will be saved automatically and can be saved easily at the press of a button. 

    You can adjust the rotating speed of the turntable to get a perfect combination for wrapping your pallets. The machine automatically detects broken film and notifies you so you can fix the situation. This equipment will allow you to control the amount of stretch wrap you use and make it a stable and even application. This is an effective way to stabilize your costs and avoid using too much film unnecessarily.


technical features:

Power supply: 208Y 3 PH 4 Wire
Minimum load size: 762 mm (30″) W x 762 mm (30″) L x 609,6 mm (24″) H
Maximum load size: 1219,2 mm (48″) W x 1219,2 mm 48″ L x 2032 mm (80″) H
Maximum load weight: 4000 lb (dynamic) et 12 000 lb (static)
Turntable speeds: 3 -16 RPM
Turntable diameter: 1828,8 mm (72″)
Capacity: 1-40 palletts per hour
Pre-stretch capacity: 33 – 313%
Equipment length: 3362,45 mm (132,38″)
Equipment width: 3148,83 mm (123,97″)
Equipment height: 2528,82 mm (99,56″)