Rotoplat 3000 turntable

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Rotoplat 3000 turntable

The fully automatic turntable of the Rotoplat 3000 range is a end of the line system combining performance and affordable price. If you need high efficiency and your budget is somewhat limited, you can still benefit from a fully automatic turntable of high quality.

Both models from the Rotoplat 3000 range are easily integrated into a packaging line with their integrated conveyor and their compact size and not bulky. Their turntable allows multiple configurations and the many options available provide great flexibility to adapt to all situations.

The Rotoplat 3000 turntables are ideal when your loads are generally uniform and are quite stable.

2 models available:


This model was designed to offer all the benefits of fully automated packaging cycle at affordable price. Max 15 RPM rotation speed.

Main features:


Rotation Unit is a high resistance toothed wheel kinematics with pin transmission.

Rotation speed and acceleration and deceleration ramps are controlled by a frequency converter protecting transmission part working life and integrity.

2-pincecoupe-3000   Clamp and cut unit new generation has a built-in welder. Allows high versatility with non-standard pallet to minimize film tail and perfect bond to the load.

2 carriage types:

The spool carriage offers a film delivery device equipped with a powered fixed gear pre-stretch system from 100% to 300%.

4-chariot-pvs-3000   In option, a spool carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors with stretch ratio adujstable from control panel from 0% up to 400%.



If you need high performance for your automatic cycle to wrap and move pallets, this model can reach a max rotation speed of 17 rpm.

Technical features:


2 carriage types:

The film delivery device is equipped with a powered fixed gear pre-stretch system. STD Pre-stretch ratio can reach 177%. In option, pre-stretch can be set between 80% and 344%.

22-chariot-pgsm-3000   In option, the carriage  group is equipped with  a patented film pre-stretch unit with two independent motors allowing pre-stretch ratio setting directly from control panel.  Pre-stretch ratio can be set from 150% et 400%. Film tightening regulation system provides better load compacting and can save up to 40% of stretch film.
23-presseur-3000   In option : Top Platen device is especially recommended when loads are unstable. 
24-couverture-3000   In option : Top sheet cover – Top device to cover the pallet.