Rotoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac

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Rotoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac


  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centres
  • High-volume production
  • Intensive use over extended periods
  • Standard-dimension pallets


  • Multiple configurations available
  • Productivity gains
  • Safe, fully automatic wrapping cycle
  • High-performance

Evaluation :

  • Non-standard pallets ★★★
  • Loading ★★★
  • Footprint ★★★★
  • Packaging flexibility ★★★★★

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  • Cube Technology
  • Simple touch-screen programming
  • Electronically variable pre-stretch ratio from 150% to 400%
  • Up to 12 custom wrapping cycles
  • Advanced safety features

The fully automatic Rotoplat 3000HD turntable is a superior-quality, highly accessible end-of-line wrapping system. This high-calibre, fully automatic wrapper offers excellent performance at an accessible price.

With its built-in conveyor, compact design and small footprint, the Rotoplat 3000HD is easily integrated into an existing packaging line. Its turntable supports a variety of configurations. The Rotoplat 3000HD can also be adapted to any situation due to its high degree of versatility.

This automatic wrapping machine is ideal for handling pallets of generally uniform dimensions and initial stability. If you seek high performance, this model supports a maximum speed of 17 RPM.

The Cube Technology incorporated into the Rotoplat 3000HD reduces stretch film usage by 30% to 55% while also improving load containment and reducing risk of product damage.


2 carriage types available:

The basic carriage is equipped with an independently powered fixed-ratio pre‑stretch system with mechanical roller drive. The standard pre-stretch ratio is up to 177%; additional pre-stretching options range between 80% and 344%.

  The optional carriage unit is equipped with a servomotor with dual independent drive enabling configuration of the pre-stretch ratio via the control panel in order to maintain responsiveness between settings and actual pre-stretching at the pallet. This unit supports pre-stretching values between 150% and 400%. The film tightening regulation system also ensures better load containment in addition to up to 55% savings in stretch film use.
  Optional: The top platen device is especially useful for working with unstable loads.
  Optional: A top sheet dispenser is also available to cover pallets.


Power supply voltage: 460V / 3 Φ
Output capacity: 40 pallets/h*
Turntable speed: 5/15 RPM
Min. load dimensions: 600 x 800 mm (24” x 32”)
Max. load dimensions: 1000 x 1200 mm (40” x 48”)
Max. load height: 2000 mm (80”)
Max. load weight: 2000 kg

* Under specific wrapping conditions for certain pallet sizes