Spiror HP 300 horizontal wrapper from Robopac

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Spiror HP 300 horizontal wrapper from Robopac


  • High-volume automatic production lines
  • Longer packages and regular shapes
  • Small or large-batch production


  • High-speed and independent
  • Less labour time needed
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Multiple configurations available

Evaluation :

  • Output ★★★★★
  • Loading ★★★★
  • Labour ★★★★★
  • Packaging flexibility ★★★★

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  • Touch-screen programming
  • Stores up to 20 programs in memory
  • Motorized conveyors
  • Continuous tension system
  • Automatic film cutting

The Spiror machines from Robopac are the top of the line in spiral stretch wrapping.

The Spiror HP 300 rotary ring machine offers outstanding performance in terms of both design and durability. The possible applications for these machines are practically infinite.

Panneau de contrôle  

The control panel has a colour touch screen making it easy to define program settings in moments. Its high memory capacity means you can store up to 20 different programs.

Groupe porte-bobine  

The spool carriage with quick-release locking device makes replacing film rolls easy and keeps idle time to a minimum during wrapping.

Système pince et coupe  

The clamping and cutting unit is based on a hook and blade device. This system is designed to provide maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

Anneau de rotation  

The Spiror’s rotating ring is made of single-cast aluminum to ensure maximum uniformity and precision of the circular motion.

Presseurs pneumatiques  

Pneumatic pressure platens maintain the vertical stability of products during the wrapping cycle.


Power supply voltage: 230V / 3 Φ / 60 Hz
Max. rotation speed: 260 RPM
Rotary ring diameter: 300 mm (12”)
Machine height: 1800 mm (71”)
Machine length: 2590 mm (102”)
Machine width: 1290 mm (51”)
Conveyor height: 788 mm (31”)