Starbox 50 by Robopac

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Starbox 50 by Robopac

The Starbox 50 from Robopac erects cardboard cases semi-automatically. Combined with a Robotape, this pneumatic case erector considerably increases production line productivity. Within a single process, an operator can then erect, fold, pack and seal a corrugated cardboard case.

A cost-effective alternative, it folds the bottom box flaps pneumatically, offering enhanced stability during filling as well as time savings. Use of this system also reduces the incidence of repetitive strain injuries associated with manual packing.

Ideal for:

  • Operations with smaller production lines on which an operator can quickly assemble, fill and seal cases
  • Improving case squaring before sealing

Additional info

Name : Starbox 50  
Cartier code: 43800125  
Case length: Min: 5,9″ Max: 25″
Case width: Min: 9,05″ Max: 19,7″
Height: Min: 4,3″ Max: 19,7″ @ 25.5″ 

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