Genesis Cube rotary ring wrapper from Robopac

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Genesis Cube rotary ring wrapper from Robopac


  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centres
  • Very high-volume production
  • Heavy or unstable pallets
  • Fully automatic pallet wrapping


  • Multiple configurations available
  • Productivity gains
  • Safe
  • High-performance
  • Significantly reduced film usage

Evaluation :

  • Non-standard pallets ★★★
  • Loading ★★★
  • Footprint ★★★★
  • Packaging flexibility ★★★★★

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  • Cube Technology
  • Simple touch-screen programming
  • Electronically variable pre-stretch ratio from 150% to 400%
  • Up to 15 custom recipes
  • Advanced safety features

Building on Robopac Sistemi’s extensive industry experience, the Genesis Cube fully automatic rotating ring wrapper represents the next generation of machines.

With its very high production capacity, the Genesis Cube rotating ring can wrap up to 135 pallets/hour under specific wrap cycle and package size conditions.

The Genesis Cube is designed for easy integration into an existing production line thanks to its compact design and small footprint.

This high-performance system supports continuous variation of pre-stretch ratio options during wrapping via the control panel, since multiple ratios can be pre-programmed without interrupting the wrap cycle.

The Cube Technology incorporated into the Genesis Cube reduces stretch film usage by 30% to 55% while also improving containment force and reducing the risk of damage to packaged products.

Chariot PSV   The patented, externally powered carriage system can be programmed to define, continuously and precisely, pre-stretch ratios from 150% to 400%.
Anneau rotatif du Genesis Cube   The rotary system features a rotating ring manufactured to guaranteed dimensions to support very high-speed operation. The machine’s superior design and rugged construction ensure the long service life of all moving parts.
Pince Futura      The clamp, cut and seal system, equipped with pneumatic control, hot-cuts the film and then perfectly seals along the wrap edge.


Power supply voltage 460V ±5 %
Output capacity: 135 pallets/h*
Min. load dimensions: 500×600 mm (20” x 24”)
Max. load dimensions: 1100×1300 mm (43” x 51”)                                                                    
Max. load height: 2000 mm (79”)

* Under specific wrapping conditions for certain pallet sizes

*Please note that all our equipment complies with Canadian CSA standards. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special needs regarding the electricity of your machines.