Vertical stretch wrapper Xtenser STH by Packmore

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Vertical stretch wrapper Xtenser STH by Packmore

Perfect for :

    • Small or medium volume of pallet packaging
    • Different pallet formats

Advantages :

  • Economical
  • User-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic (prevents back problems)

main features:

  • Adjustable film tension
  • Requires no power supply
  • Works with any stretch film

The Packmore Xtenser STH Vertical Stretch Wrapper is ideal to help you with your pallet wrapping steps. Completely manual, it is easy to use and easy to maintain. This machine is the only packaging solution for all weights, profiles, dimensions and shapes of pallets!

All types of stretch wrap can be used with this machine and the application tension can be adjusted according to your needs. This equipment is the only one on the market allowing the pallet to be wrapped only 60 cm away, so it is very suitable for confined environments.


technical specifications:

Rotation speed: Manual  
Maximum pallet height: 2000 mm (78.7″) or 2400 mm (94.5″) optional  
Equipment width: 560 mm (22.5″)  
Equipment length: 1050 mm (45.3″)  
Equipment height: 2091 mm (82.3″) or 2453 mm (96.6″) optional