Adhesive tapes

Maximize performance by using the right tape

Our product specialists guide you in considering all factors associated with the intended use of an adhesive, industrial or packaging tape.

  • What will it be used for?
  • What type of surface will it be adhering to?
  • What stresses will it be exposed to?

In this way you better understand the characteristics your tape needs to have so you can control costs more effectively.


Many tapes available in either single or double-sided format.

Packaging tape

Typically used during the packing stage, tapes of various tensile strengths are available for a range of applications.

Printed tape (e.g. with company logo) available for some products.

Masking tape

For various applications: protection, marking off areas, painting, etc.

Adhesive options available: polyester, with rubber, synthetic or acrylic glue.

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