Automatic stretch wrapping machines

Regardless of the stretch wrapping process you want to automate, we have a high‑performance wrapper that meets your needs. The innovative Robopac equipment that we distribute can be adapted to a variety of applications, and our certified installers are ready to integrate it seamlessly into your production line.

Technoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac

This machine’s rugged construction and reliability make it the answer to all industrial requirements for high productivity.

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Rototech 3000 rotary arm stretch wrapper from Robopac

With its exceptional design and quality, this rotary arm machine is ideal for wrapping particularly unstable products.

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Rotoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac

This compact model with built-in conveyor delivers highly efficient end-of-line pallet wrapping at an accessible price.

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Helix 1 Evo rotary arm stretch wrapper from Robopac

This advanced, versatile machine with a capacity of up to 65 pallets/hour is designed for high‑volume production.

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Genesis Cube rotary ring wrapper from Robopac

This line of next-generation equipment is more compact than ever and ideal for high-speed wrapping with its capacity of up to 135 pallets/hour.

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