Fill-Air Rocket from Sealed Air

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Fill-Air Rocket from Sealed Air

Fill-Air Rocket is the fastest inflatable void-fill system designed by Sealed Air to date. Drawing on decades of best-in-class inflatable void-fill experience, Fill-Air Rocket is faster, simpler, lighter and better prepared for today’s packaging operations.

Main features

  • Produces 30 metres of inflatable void-fill cushions per minute
  • Creates bags instantaneously, operating at maximum capacity from start-up for increased productivity
  • Active film web tracking and bag length detection to minimize bag wastage
  • Automated control
  • QuickShot or JetStream on-demand packaging options
  • Integrated auto-replenishment sensor to ensure a consistent supply of material at all times
  • Superior sealing technology and material strength for perfectly sealed bags that last
  • Silent mode option

good to know !

Besides being recyclable, Fill-Air® bags can be used over and over