ProPad from Sealed Air

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ProPad from Sealed Air

ProPad™ is an innovative, easy-to- operate Sealed Air paper cushion system that offers additional
protection for your products.

Used to stabilize products in their boxes, the paper cushions provide an ideal solution for transporting heavy items or objects with sharp points or edges.

Control the flow of material with the ProPad™ system in four different ways:

  • Pedal or push-button manual control
  • Programmable sequences
  • Batching mode
  • “Cut and Hold″ electronic dispensing system

Bottom-loading design means fast material changeovers to increase production capacity and reduce processing time. This portable system weighs half as much as conventional paper cushioning systems and fits easily into any existing packaging operation.


  • our cushion production modes available
  • Roll loading from front or rear
  • Sensors driven by patented Auto-Loading technology
  • Adjustable pad width
  • Intuitive, user-friendly “SmartStation″ control panel


ProPad™ paper material is made from 100% recycled content and is 100% renewable!