PickPack reusable packaging

77% is the percentage of consumers who believe that the packaging of your parcels reflects your environmental values. So, think again when it comes to designing your transport packaging! Fortunately, there are now eco-responsible alternatives to single-use packaging.

CARTIER is the exclusive distributor of PickPack reusable packaging. Designed to be reused up to 50 times, these reusable packaging can reduce CO2eq by up to 90% compared to single-use packaging. A win-win solution!


Available sizes

Two resistant sizes to meet various needs, whether for e-retailers or for managing your shipments between branches and partners in an industrial context.

  Big PickPack Small PickPack
Weight 98g 80g
Dimensions 61 x 34,5 x 14 cm 39 x 24,5 x 10 cm
Capacity 28 litres 9 litres
Reuse Designed for 50 uses Designed for 50 uses



Want to be “green” but still maintain your own brand image? That’s good, PickPack’s reusable packaging is 100% customizable. Add your logo, change colors, be creative, for a memorable customer experience.


how it works

A turnkey offer! Everything is designed and thought out to simplify the integration of this solution into your operations. From the online packaging option on your transactional site to the traceability of each package, including reverse logistics! And returns are a breeze!



  1. Purchase PickPack reusable packaging and offer this shipping option to your customers.
  2. Your customers receive their merchandise in their reusable packaging.
  3. Your customers fold the packaging to letter size and drop it off at a Canada Post drop-off location.
  4. Packages are inspected, cleaned, and packaged by PickPack.
  5. CARTIER Packaging will replenish your supply at your convenience.



When it is possible to introduce reusable packaging, every parcel sent is doing its bit for the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by up to 90% per package.



  • Enable the achievement of its environmental objectives.
  • Appear as an innovative and leading-edge company in its field.
  • Better designed packaging for customer returns.
  • Rely on better end-of-life management of packaging: all packaging is melted down at the end of its life to be recycled.



Do you want to be ahead of the competition and offer this environmentally responsible solution to your customers? Contact your account manager for more details!