Stretch film

Boost the reliability of your pallet wrapping while keeping costs down

The key to proper palletizing? Choosing a stretch film that matches your performance criteria. From tensile force to pre-stretch percentage and thickness (gauge), many factors have an impact on wrapping reliability and your end costs!

Our product specialists are pleased to help you make an informed decision. We review the critical requirements for the success of your specific operations, including load type, product type and wrapping configuration as well as operating, storage and shipping conditions.

Manual stretch film

[3" – 18" | 33 G – 90G]

Designed for hand application, ideally in environments involving wrapping of up to 50 pallets a day. Choose the best film for your operations:

Machine stretch film

[5" – 50" | 45 G – 120G]

To best suit your production performance requirements, choose a machine film that matches your wrapping parameters (pre-stretching, number of wraps, etc.).

Specialty and customized stretch films

Coloured, printed, treated or perforated, our customized films meet your needs beyond protecting or maintaining your products. Whether for identifying, tracking or securing your goods from potential theft, we have a film that meets your criteria.

Contact our product specialists to choose the film that meets your needs