Switch HP by Cousins

See this equipment in action

Switch HP by Cousins

Perfect for:

  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Pallets of standard dimensions


  • Economical
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Easy to use

Main features:

    • Turntable with a speed of 3 to 12 RPM
    • Can be transformed into fully automatic equipment (with the A-Arm)
    • Capacity of 35 pallets per hour
    • Separately adjustable ascent and descent speeds

    The Cousins Switch HP semi-automatic stretch wrapper is the High-Profile model with a 48” x 48” turntable. This machine has a capacity of 35 pallets per hour and its control panel allows you to choose the speed of application of the film, to pause during the cycle if necessary and to separate the speeds of raising and lowering.

    You will be able to transform this semi-automatic equipment into an automatic equipment directly on site by adding the A-Arm system, even at a later date. The Cousins Switch HP wrapper allows you to reduce your amount of film used by taking only what is necessary. Its control ensures a regular and stable application while being solid and reliable.


technical features:

Power supply: 115 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hz 15 Amps
Maximum load weight: 4500 lb (dynamic) 10 000 lb (static)
Turntable speeds: 3 -12 RPM
Turntable dimensions: 1219,2 mm (48ʺ) x 1219,2 mm (48ʺ)
Capacity: 35 pallets per hour
Pre-stretch capacity: 33 – 313%
Equipment length: 1026,92 mm (40,43ʺ)
Equipment width: 2654,3 mm (104,5ʺ)
Equipment height: 2528,82 mm (99,56 ʺ)