3300 A by Cousins

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3300 A by Cousins

ideal for:

  • High output speed
  • Pallets with standard dimensions
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing centers


  • Improves productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe and secure

main features:

  • Fully automatic
  • The equipment attaches and cuts the film automatically
  • The film tension is programmable according to your needs
  • The pallet is quickly stabilized in the wrapping process
  • The speed of the turntable is adjustable
  • No need for compressed air

The 3300 A is a fully automatic machine equipped with the Cousins A-Arm system. This system allows you to increase your productivity and reduce your labor needs by automating the wrapping of your pallets.

This system is also safer for the operator as the film is automatically attached and cut. It is important to note that the minimum height of the pallet for the system to work well is 30 inches, if the pallet is smaller than this the system won’t work properly. The turntable has several speeds that can be adjusted according to your needs. This machine is designed to be integrated into an existing process using an interface that allows start and stop and link with the conveyor system. However, it can also be installed as an independent packaging cell, coupled with a remote start system.


tECHNICAL specifications:

Power supply: 115 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hz 20 Amps
Maximum weight: 4000 lb (Dynamic)– 12 000 lb (static)
Maximum load Dimensions:

1219,2 mm (48”) La x 1219,2 mm (48”) L x 2032 mm (70”) H

Minimum pallet height:

762 mm (30”)

Turntable speed: 3 -16 RPM
Turntable diameter: 1828,8 mm (72”), 9,5 mm (3/8”) wide and 127 mm (5”) skirt
Capacity: 35 pallets per hour
Pre-stretch capacity: 33 – 313%
Equipment length: 2641,6 mm (104”)
Equipment width: 1068,6 mm (42”)
Equipment height:

2528,82 mm (99,56”)