Superbox 6 HD by Robopac

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Superbox 6 HD by Robopac

Perfect for:

  • Automatic box forming
  • Different box sizes

Advantages :

  • High speed of 720 boxes/h
  • Quick size change
  • Easy to use


  • 3.5 inch colour control panel 
  • Fast size change thanks to adjustments by handwheels
  • Storage unit for cartons
  • Soft touch on boxes thanks to suction cups
  • High flexibility of HD taping heads, 1 spindle and 3 tape widths 



The Robopac Superbox 6 HD is an automatic cardboard box erector that offers high performance and versatility characteristics, with a quality manufacturing which ensures a long service life. The different mechanisms of the box erector pick up, open, fold and shape the boxes while sealing their lower part with adhesive tape, which greatly speeds up the process.

With its 3.5 inch color screen, this machine is easy to operate and saves you time when forming boxes. You can quickly change the format of the boxes by means of five adjustment wheels, which will lead to an adjustment of the box magazine and the position of the suction cups. With a loading capacity of up to 100 boxes, you gain productivity without compromising the safety of your operators.



A control panel featuring a 3.5-inch color touchscreen with an all-new interface lets you easily select the settings you need.


This group of suction cups changes when you make a format change. It adapts to what you have selected.


You will find all the opened boxes in the gravity-operated storage unit as well as a conveyor at the end of the process pushing the assembled boxes.



Power supply voltage: 400v 3Ph + N + PE
Infeed speed:        22 m/min
Minimum box dimensions (LxWxH) : 200x170x100
Maximum box dimensions: (LxWxH) : 600x410x500
Equipment length:       2460 mm (96,8”)
Equipment width:   1787 mm (70,4”)
Equipment height:

2250 -2350 mm (88,6” – 92,5”)